2008 Coca-Cola Beijing Olympic Sponsorship Pin
Coca-Cola Olympic Torch Relay Branding and Marketing Materials
Coca-Cola Business Card for the 2008 Beijing Olympics
SkillsDesign / Branding
Designer of promotional materials that represented Coca-Cola in the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games.

Coca-Cola Beijing Olympic Sponsorship Pin and Materials

Steven Sieja design creates an iconic pin for two of the most famous brands in the world for Coca-Cola and The Olympics. Growing up in Atlanta and experiencing The Summer Olympic Games come to our city is a defining moment in history. To this day Steven Sieja looks back with fond memories of trading pins in Centennial Olympic Park and attending the numerous sporting events. It all comes full circle with this pin design. Now a professional graphic designer, Steven Sieja showcases 80 years of Coca-Cola’s sponsorship of the Olympic Games. It truly is an honor to think of children and adults attending the games in Beijing and trading the pin he designed.