Find A Graphic Designer in Atlanta GA

How Can I Find A Graphic Designer in Atlanta, GA?

The graphic design scene in Atlanta, GA is rich with both experienced graphic designers as well as young designers who have recently entered the marketplace. Fortunately, Atlanta has a thriving business economy and has the capacity to support the influx of new talent that arrives on a daily basis.

What are the graphic design schools in Atlanta?

Many graphic design students in Atlanta come out of the Miami Ad School @ Portfolio Center. Here, design students forego the traditional route of a 4 year undergraduate program in order to focus on building a book of work that will ultimately be a showcase portfolio.

“There’s something to be said for skipping the traditional route and embracing your passion. Students seem to thrive in this environment.”

Another option for aspiring graphic design artists is SCAD Atlanta. Located in the booming metropolitan hub near Midtown, SCAD is surrounded by Fortune 500 companies. SCAD offers a variety of degrees and certificate programs for students to choose from.

Senior Level Graphic Designers

With some of the largest advertising agencies in the world making their home in Atlanta, designers from across the country are often drawn to the southern home of famous brands such as Coca-Cola, The Home Depot and UPS. With large corporations like this headquartered nearby, the amount of agency work is large enough to support full staffs and even freelancers.

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Where Have All The Creative Directors Gone?

The next logical step for Graphic Designers and Art Directors is to find a position as a creative director. Positions like these are more difficult to come by. Often times making a career leap to creative director involves taking a position in a corporation out of state. Regardless, seizing the opportunity when it is presented is of the upmost importance.

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Where Can I Find Other Designers in Atlanta

Overall the design scene in Atlanta is thriving. The local AIGA Atlanta chapter was founded in 1988 and is always hosting events and sponsoring exhibits across town. If you are more the exploring type, take a walk around Ponce City Market in Midtown and you will see many designers working remotely off laptops. Another place to find designers are the many co-working locations throughout the city. Often times startup companies like to utilize these spaces as a virtual office for meetings and brainstorming sessions.

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